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Northern Coatings & Chemical Co., Inc., located in Menominee, Michigan, is a manufacturer of specialty coatings for industry. We are a leader in the manufacture of high-temperature coatings. Northern has been recognized as an industry leader in the development of high quality industrial coatings for over 45 years. Our customer base reaches regional, national and international markets. Providing custom products created to meet specific customer needs is the hallmark of Northern Coatings & Chemical. Our technical specialists work with R&D and marketing departments to help develop the distinctive formulations needed to provide our customers with a competitive advantage. Developments and improvements in Liquid Coatings are driven by a number of governmental and market factors. Reduction and/or elimination of VOCs and HAPs, the need to improve the performance and aesthetics of the coating, and the need to lower applied costs are a few of these factors. NCC has developed Liquid Technology that reduces its environmental impact, improves product performance, and often lowers operating costs. NCC’s commitment to research and development has led to industry-leading technology in both solvent and waterborne technology. If you want to have high quality industrial coatings for your products that improve your product's quality, useful life and visual appearance, then please contact us for a free analysis and quote by our professional staff.

Key Technologies:

High Solids Baking Enamels
Urethane and NISO Systems
Alkyds, Acrylics, and Epoxies
Coil Coatings
Glass Coatings
Electronic Resistor Coatings
High Temperature Coatings
Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Waterborne primers, Topcoats and Wood Stains
UV Curable Coatings

High Quality Industrial Coatings


Newest Products!

Coatings for glass–unique products using UV, water-borne and solvent-borne technologies. Please contact us about these new products.

ISO 9001 Certified

 NCC buildings high quality industrial coatings
Northern Coatings Buildings


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Northern Coatings is a CCAI Gold Member.


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Northern Coatings Commitment

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