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Custom Formulated Industrial Coatings

Waterborne Coatings - Ideal for Automotive, general industrial, wood finishing, and decorative applications requiring high performance and compliance with VOC, Proposition 65, and REACH. Viscosity, color, and resin chemistry can be adjusted to meet your specifications. Available in single component and 2 component formulations. Choose from Urethane, Epoxy, Alkyd, and Acrylic chemistries.

UV Cured Coatings - When fast curing and small line footprint are necessities, UV is a great choice. Ideal for heat sensitive plastics, metals, decorative finishes, wood flooring and much more, these coatings can cure in just seconds and provide extended durability and protection, and fast return to service for industrial refinish applications. We can formulate these products in many colors and optimize them for mercury lamp, LED, or solar cure. CLICK HERE to learn more about UV

Special Effects Coatings - Northern offers custom formulation of metallic, sparkle, color shift, pearlescent, thermochromic (paint that changes color with heat), texture, haptic soft feel, and other types of special appearance and effects coatings. These formulations can be done in water based, solvent reduced, or UV cured chemistries.

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Contact Us Today About Your Custom Formulation Needs

Thanks For Contacting Us! We look forward to discussing your custom coating formulation needs.

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Something Really Crazy?

Don't Worry! Contact Us Today and tells us what you need paint to do. People ask us for crazy stuff all the time. Just because it's crazy, doesn't mean its impossible. Some crazy stuff we have worked on in the past include:

  • Paint for commemorative Johnny Cochran coins. Come on people. Everyone knows that nothing sticks to Johnny Cochran, except our Durium UV.

  • Paint for candle wax. People want to paint candles, and we made it work.

  • Paint for Cardboard Boxes that is the same color as the box. WHY???? Actually, this is a really good idea for lean manufacturing. Shipping labels and text can be covered up to reuse boxes, and all those boxes that your company just throws away rather than reusing can get expensive.

  • Paint that is designed to fall off. It turns out that temporary, easy to remove coatings are useful in preventing expensive damage to sensitive products in transit.

  • Clear Coat for Clear Polycarbonate. Outwardly, this seems ridiculous, but the product we developed provides PC, PMMA, and other polymers with tremendous improvements and scratch resistance and exterior durability. Bye bye chalking and yellowing on those headlights!

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Northern Coatings offers custom formulated products for industrial coating users with specialized, custom needs.

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