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Electronic Coatings

Northern is an industry leader in dip and spray industrial coatings for a wide variety of electronic products and accessories including:

- Smart Phones and Accessories

- Printed Circuit Boards

- High Temperature Flame Proof Resistors

- Desktop and Laptop Computers

- Tablets and Related Accessories

- Keyboards, Mice, and Peripherals

Our products are approved by many leading OEM electronic manufacturers and are notable for the following features:

- Outstanding Electrical Resistance, High Breakdown Voltage

- UL Approved High Heat Flame Proof Resistor Coating

- Soft Touch and Haptic Properties

- High Scratch and Mar Resistance

- Clean and Precise Laser Etching Properties

- Humidity and Chemical Resistance

Contact Us About Electronic Coatings

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Specific Application Chemistries Include:

- Potting Compounds and Flame Proof Resistor Coatings: 100% Solids or Solvent Reduced Silicone Thermal Cure

- PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Coatings: 100% Solids or Solvent Reduced UV Cure Free Radical or Cationic Chemistry

- Anti Mar/Scratch Proof Coatings for Peripherals: Nano Alumina infused Solvent Reduced, 100% Solids, or Waterborne UV

- Haptic Feel Coatings for Smart Phone and Computer Accessories: Solvent Reduced Free Radical UV Cure

- Laser Etch Coatings for Computer Peripherals: Waterborne Free Radical Cure UV

Contact Northern Coatings Today and our knowledgeable team of technical experts will work together with you to meet your needs.

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