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Production Associate - Full Time
Attractive Starting Pay. Includes Health and Retirement Benefits, PTO, and much more!

Responsible for manufacturing batches of both water and solvent based liquid paint at Northern Coatings manufacturing facility in Menominee, MI.

Reports To: Production Supervisor

Education: High School diploma or equivalent preferred

Skills Required: Must be able to demonstrate the ability to do the following: basic math, basic reading and comprehension, follow instructions and lift up to 50# repetitively and 100# occasionally.

Primary Responsibilities: Prepare batches of paint per batch ticket instructions, monitor and record various batch processes. Do general department housekeeping.

Specific Duties:

  • Clean tanks of size and composition appropriate for the batch to be made.

  • Clean the mixer that is appropriate for the batch to be made.

  • Clean and flush the sandmill that is appropriate for the batch to be made.

  • Stage and pre-weigh raw materials as appropriate.

  • Add and process Raw Materials per batch ticket instructions, double checking weights and verifying RM code for accuracy. Document all steps and operations as they are completed.

  • Record all required processing observations (i.e., efflux temperature, flow rate, mill used, relative humidity, pH, pump settings, mixer rpm and amps, fineness of grind.)

  • Cover and move finished batch to the QC staging area.

  • Review the batch ticket with the Plant Supervisor for accuracy and omissions.

  • Submit the completed batch ticket to the QC department for testing.

  • Practice safe and skillful forklift operations.

  • Assist the filling department, shipping or receiving when necessary.

  • Perform general housekeeping duties in the production area and all buildings.

  • Perform minor maintenance and adjustment to plant equipment.

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Northern Coatings has been in business since 1971 and remains independently owned, not a subsidiary of a larger company. This means you can count on Northern to be there for your future.

Long Term Growth

At Northern Coatings, professional, personal, and economic growth of our employees is a top priority. We recognize that for our business to grow, so must our team members, and this is reflected in our considerable investment in professional development, benefits, and competitive compensation.

Career at Northern Coatings

Are you ready to be a part of a diverse and multifaceted organization with a long track record of stability and growth? Does a flexible, responsive, and open minded workplace where you are a person and not just a number sound appealing? If you answer yes to these questions, a career at Northern Coatings and Chemical Co. may be for you.

Employee Focused

In addition to competitive compensation and excellent benefits including health insurance, 401K, and paid vacation time, we strive to provide a flexible, fulfilling, stimulating working environment. Our team members are people, not assets or numbers, and this philosophy is reflected in our employee focused, collaborative approach to management and servant leadership.

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