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Coatings For Metal

No matter what you produce, your product's appearance is critical to how your customers perceive it. Common wisdom says that most metal coatings work on most metals and that buying the lowest cost per gallon paint system you can find will save you the most money and your customers won't notice, but common wisdom is commonly wrong.


The truth is that coatings for metal are as unique and varied as the metal alloys and application conditions and durability and regulatory requirements of the end products for which they are intended. Having the right paint system can make the difference between your customers having a good first impression of your product and a high opinion of its enduring quality or not.

Northern's team of coating experts will match and customize a metal coating system to your needs. We test our products with the latest ASTM methods as well as tests specific to our customers and their customers, in order to ensure our coatings meet or exceed performance expectations. This approach results in a better overall fit and more optimized performance characteristics than the one size fits all approach that is the common denominator in the coating industry. We combine this individualized approach to customer needs with the latest digital color matching technology, to ensure that your product looks right every time.

   Key Performance Features:

  • Salt Spray Resistance beyond 1000 hours available

  • Waterborne, solventborne, and 100% solids available

  • Superior exterior durability, gloss, and color retention without the use of isocyanates

  • Water resistance for marine corrosion resistant applications

  • Coatings available in dip, spin-dip, sprayable, and roll coatable formulations

  • Torque Tension spec for automotive fasteners TEXACOTE

  • Adhesion to difficult metals such as aluminum and stainless steel

Technologies and Applications:

  • Direct to metal finishes, enabling single coat application to treated or untreated metals, as well as primer and topcoat systems for higher performance applications.

  • Our coatings work on treated and untreated metal, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, cast aluminum and steel, blasted or smooth, various aluminum alloys, galvanized, stainless, as well as specialty alloys and metals such as tin plated, brass, hot dipped galvanized, and much more.

  • Coatings can be applied by various spray technologies including air atomized, air assisted airless, and HVLP as well as dipping, dip/spin, industrial roll coating, and curtain/vacuum coating.

  • Waterborne, solvent reduced, 100% solids, and zero VOC available.

  • Our metal coatings may be cured thermally with infrared or convection heat, as well as air dried or UV cured.

  • High performance two component systems as well as easy to use single component systems available

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