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Why Choose Coil Coatings?

Traditional liquid spray coatings are wonderful for coating metal substrates. They provide even coverage, easy application, low cost, low bake, and with modern application technologies provide low loss and high efficiency. However, your facility still has to maintain and operate a paint line in order to produce painted parts. In some circumstances this is unavoidable, but for components formed from sheet metal, coil coating offers an attractive, zero waste alternative. Our unique chemistry allows parts to be formed after they are painted, even in cases where forming involves considerable stretching of metal or sharp bend angles. Northern's coil coating products can be customized to meet your specific needs or those of your end customer.

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Nor-Weld is a thermoset baking epoxy designed to be used as a protective and yet weldable coating, initially designed for gas tank applications. It has since found its way into other markets such as conduit, air filters, case goods, and office partitions. This unique product is very durable yet flexible enough to take a deep draw. It exhibits excellent chemical resistance and good corrosion resistance. This coating was formulated to be a stand alone coating but also works well as a primer and may be topcoated with polyesters, acrylics, and alkyds. Carbide Black is the standard color but may be custom mixed in other colors.


Duri-Slik is a one-coat themoset baking enamel designed for coatings for coil applications. This coating was formulated to be a low cost alternative to the “name brand” competition. Lower costs in the application process is also a major benefit since Duri-Slik can be cured at a much lower temperature than its counterparts. This drawable and flexible coating adheres to many different substrates including tin-free steel. Duri-Slik, while offering an   easy-to-cIean and stain resistant surface, exhibits excellent food oil resistance and superior release properties. It is especially suited for the bake ware industry, but may also be used in many other applications where a non—stick surface is needed. It has good chemical resistance and color stability at elevated operating temperatures.




Duri-Clear is a thermoset polyester coil coating blended for a wide variety of end products. It is formulated for interior or exterior use and can be applied as a one coat application or used as a basecoat or topcoat with screen printing inks where durability and corrosion protection are needed. This extremely flexible coating exhibits good flexibility while maintaining excellent adhesion over many different substrates. DuriCIear’” is specifically suited for aluminum which proves difficult to adhere. It is available in a wide range of glosses. It can also be custom tinted with  special dyes if desired. Uses range from make-up accessories to home canning lids.



Duri-Temp is a thermoset baking enamel designed for roll coat application. This unique product is a cross-linked polyester, which exhibits excellent high temperature resistance while maintaining good physical properties. It is specially suited for the stovepipe industry but may be used in many other applications such as boilers, wood burning stoves, mufflers, heaters, fireplaces and industrial ovens.




Duri-Tex [TM] with its unique polymer system is a one-coat highly abrasion resistant coating, which displays a built-in textured surface. This extremely flexible coating has excellent forming characteristics while maintaining very good adhesion over all kinds of substrates. It is available in a wide range of glosses and colors. Uses can range from computer housings to DVD and stereo boxes.

Northern Coatings Epoxy Enamel

Northern Epoxy Enamel is designed to be a one or two coat coil coating application where durability and corrosion protection is needed. It is one of our most popular coatings for coil applications. Usually applied at thinner films, this coating works well as a primer and can be used as a topcoat for interior applications. Our epoxy enamels have a high resistance to chemicals and other petroleum products as well as being flexible enough to be used on expanded metal for rain gutter guards. It has also found its way into such markets as filter guards to fluorescent ballast boxes. Our epoxy coating can be applied over a variety of substrates and is available in any color.



Duri-Draw deep draw epoxy coil coating is a thermoset baking epoxy designed for roll coating, developed for use with end products whose manufacturing processes require deep drawability. It can be used as coatings for coil applications by itself or  used as a primer, and can accept many different types of coating in a post-paint operation. It will withstand a five (5) inch deep draw while maintaining its outstanding physical characteristics. Duri-Draw has found its way into such markets as filter cans and small engine fuel tanks. This unique product is very durable yet flexible and can be applied to coat a variety of substrates. It  exhibits excellent chemical and fuel resistance as well as good corrosion resistance. A transparent olive drab color is standard but a limited amount of other colors are also available.




Flexible Coil Coating–Northern’s family of polyester coil coatings are blended for a wide variety of end products. They are formulated for interior or exterior use and can be applied in one or two coat applications where durability and corrosion protection is needed. High solids and fast line—speed capabilities make this economical coating the paint system of choice. These extremely flexible coatings have excellent draw characteristics while maintaining excellent adhesion over all kinds of substrates. It is available in a wide range of glosses and colors. Applications range from High Reflectance white used for fluorescent light fixtures to wood grain systems used for small appliance housings.




Northern’s family of vinyl coatings are blended for a variety of end products. They are formulated for interior uses and can be applied in one or two coat applications. These are extremely durable coatings for coil applications. We offer two types of solution vinyl: Thermo-plastic vinyl which has good acceptance of heat transferring labels used for dash board and meter dial markets; and Thermo-set vinyl which exhibits good chemical resistance, designed for film cartridges. These extremely flexible coatings have excellent hardness and draw characteristics while maintaining excellent adhesion over many kinds of substrates. it is available in a wide range of glosses and colors.

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