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UV Cure Coatings

Northern Coatings has been an industry leader in OEM UV cure coating innovation for over a decade and has the knowledge and experience to help you get started with UV curing. Northern Coatings has standard UV cure products for wood and plastic as well as for niche applications such as glass decorating and various treated and untreated metal substrates. Northern has the ability to supply both pigmented and clear UV cure coatings in sheen ranges from flat to full gloss. We offer products for flat as well as three dimensional substrates, including oddly shaped substrates with shadow areas. Give us a call today and let us show you the Northern difference in UV Curable coatings technology!

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What is UV Curing?

UV curing is a specialized process by which high intensity ultraviolet light to cure paint to a hard, durable, and chemical resistant finish in just seconds. Available in 100% solids, waterborne, and solvent based formulations, UV curing has the ability to dramatically reduce the footprint of your paint line while reducing energy costs and improving quality. UV cure coatings are unique because they use light rather than heat energy to cure and depending on the formulation can dry in less than a second upon exposure to UV light. UV cure coatings can be made non flammable and low VOC or VOC free to meet your environmental and safety needs.

Northern Coatings UV Cure products have notable performance features including haptic "soft feel" properties, outstanding abrasion and mar resistance, exterior durability, and adhesion to difficult plastics, glass, and metal. We have formulations suitable for both Mercury Vapor Lamp and LED Curing. They are suitable for applications including:

- Automotive OEM Plastic components

- Glass and Plastic Bottle Decorating

- Wood Products such as doors, flooring, and trim

- Pre-finished wood paneling

- Electronic Devices and Accessories

- Metal Finishing, including 3D metal Objects

- Bonding and structural support of fragile components

- Overprint varnish to protect fragile stereolithography or engraved designs

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