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High Heat Coatings


Northern coatings is an industry leader in the manufacture of high temperature coatings for OEM industrial use and our products are suited for a wide range of end uses including fireplaces, cookware, engines, exhaust systems, ovens, and much more. Available in roll (coil) coatable and sprayable formulations, we have what it takes to protect your high temperature application from corrosion, cracking, fading, and color change giving your products the competitive edge that only the combination of service and quality that Northern Coatings can offer.

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  • Superior thermal shock water quench resistance

  • Temperature performance beyond 800 degrees C possible

  • Applicable to a variety of substrates including stainless, aluminized, and mild steel.

  • Color retention during prolonged exposure to high temperatures

  • Superior corrosion resistance, even after thermal shock

  • Low emissions upon first use

  • Available in roll-coatable and sprayable formulations

  • Approved for OEM use by major heavy equipment, automotive, & appliance manufacturers

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Our Signature Product Features Include

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