Coatings For Plastic


The needs of plastic decorating processes are as varied and unique as the products produced. Whether injection molded, extruded, or vacuum formed, plastic coatings are specialized products where small differences in formulation and design can make big differences in performance. Northern Coatings’ team of formulation experts has you covered for all of your plastic coating needs. Northern has experience in plastic coatings for end uses including automotive components, toys, disposable containers, building and construction materials, scientific and medical equipment, and much, much more.


Our key plastic coating products excel in:

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  • Adhesion to and wetting out of difficult substrates such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PET, PVC, and various polycarbonates.

  • Scratch and mar resistance

  • Haptic and Soft Feel Effects on Plastic

  • Burnishing resistance, especially on matte finishes

  • UV resistance and exterior durability

  • Moisture resistance

  • Chemical resistance to solvents such as ethanol. Also resistant to surfactants and ingredients in cosmetics, colognes, and perfumes.

  • Low VOC for environmentally sensitive manufacturing

  • Available in Waterborne, Solventborne, and UV Cure.

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