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Plastic Coatings that Work for You

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Northern Coatings and Chemical's diverse plastic coatings portfolio brings performance and flexibility to your decorating operation.

With a proven history in plastic finishing and performance driven research and development, Northern Coatings is positioned to elevate your plastic decorating process to the next level.

Working for you

We understand that no two production processes are the same. That is why Northern Coatings plastic finishes have a wide variety of curing technologies and performance profiles. Air dry, force dry, UV, two-component; Northern Coatings develops and manufactures coatings in Menominee, Michigan and can custom tailor a system for you.

Stand out

Northern is a quality award recipient at GE where our product is used on plastic MRI components.

As performance leaders in industrial finishing, Northern Coatings knows what it takes to stand out. That is why our products are designed to exceed quality expectations.


One component waterbased UV curable coating for plastic. Benefits include:

  • Dry to touch before cure - reduces contaminants from ambient debris

  • Low odor - little to no odor or sensitizing ingredients that are typical of other UV cure coatings, <0.5 lbs./gal. VOC

  • Great appearance - compatible with a large variety of colorants, glosses, and effects

  • High throughput - flash off in as little as 2 minutes and cure in seconds


One component waterbased urethane coating for plastic, wood, or metal. Benefits include:

  • Fast dry to touch and handle - no heat needed

  • Low VOC - <1.0 lbs./gal. VOC,

  • Broad color and gloss range - available in transparent, opaque, gloss, metallic, texture, or even fluorescent

  • Great solar durability - acrylic urethane technology resists yellowing and chalking


  • Isocyanate free 2 component technology

  • Ultra low VOC, VOC free possible

  • High solids - up to 45% by wt.

  • Great solvent resistance

  • Long pot life



UV, single component soft touch, topcoats over vacuum metalized, thermoformable, or 100% solids.

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