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LED Cure UV Coatings

Want to cure at the speed of light with no mercury or other toxic metals in your process? Does your application call for processing of heat sensitive substrates with UV Cure Technology? As an industry leader in UV cure coatings, Northern is proud to announce the introduction of LED curable coatings for industrial applications. The Northern R&D Team has worked to optimize our UV Coating formulations to take advantage of the unique properties and performance that modern high powered UV LED systems have to offer.

What is a LED?

A LED, or light emitting diode, is a special light source that uses semiconductor technology to generate light. They are found in homes, businesses, automobiles, and consumer electronics. Modern semiconductor technology has allowed for the development of high powered specialized LED lights that produce UVA energy suitable for curing paints and inks.

Northern's LED Curable Coatings have the following performance advantages over traditional UV Cure Coatings:

- Environmentally Friendly Process, with no mercury vapor lamps

- Fast processing speeds, especially with tinted and opaque coatings

- Low heat generation, ideal for temperature sensitive substrates such as plastics and wood

- Energy efficient and extremely long service life of curing equipment

- Instant on and off cure performance, no waiting for lamps to warm up

- Consistent power and performance, no output degradation over time as with arc lamps

Shown above are common defects associated with excess heat from traditional UV curing. On the left, a temperature sensitive plastic melted due to excessive heat. On the right, wood flooring is shown, which has blistered due to excessive heat exposure under an arc lamp during UV curing of the topcoat. Issues such as these can be mitigated through the use of LED technology and coatings optimized for curing performance with commonly available LED curing units from leading equipment manufacturers.

Interested in learning more about LED Cure Coatings? Contact Us Today

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